What Was I Thinking?

… also … What Have I Gotten Myself Into?
Ages ago, I created a blog on the Blogger platform and posted pretty regularly for a few years. I later joined Facebook and put more of my time into posting updates, works in progress, and random thoughts on my business page there. More recently, I decided to pull back from Facebook and put that type of content on my web site. You can read about that in my “Pivoting” post.

Over the past couple months, I’ve copied content from the Blogger posts and re-created them here, with the original dates, to preserve the timeline. I’ve focused on more recent posts or those that were pertinent to my current work and thought process.

Today, I moved another post, which also involves updating links from pages of this site to link to the new post here – not difficult, but I have to be methodical about it. THEN I made the mistake of scrolling back to see how many blog posts I had made on Blogger. This is where the “What Was I Thinking?” part kicks in. It was unsettling because that’s when I discovered posts went back to 2006. I ran away from Blogger to preserve my sanity and came here to post.

Now I’m contemplating what to do next: there’s no point in transferring some posts. They relate to events that are so far past, it doesn’t matter. But I do have to decide which posts are worth moving, from an “Ann’s growth chart” standpoint, and I think that is worth doing. For now, I’m going to take a break, post some art (because an art blog NEEDS art in the posts!), and go work on another drawing.

This is a 2″ x 2″ scratchboard drawing of a kitten. Click here to watch the 30-second reel I created on Instagram. You’ll see the all-scratched version just prior to adding color (watercolor), the final version (as seen above), and how I framed it.|

My current commission is this 6″ x 10″ portrait of Cassie & Bella. At this point, it’s ready for more scratching, which I’ve been doing, but I won’t scan that stage until I finish the entire pass of scratching.

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