Now at High-Hand Gallery

I was recently invited to join High-Hand Gallery in the historic packing shed complex in Loomis, CA. My work has been there about a month. One of the pieces there is Serengeti Steampunk (Ink on Claybord, 36″ x 20″) & I’m very happy that he’s once again in the public eye. His debut was at High-Hand’s Steampunk event a couple of years ago, and then he lived at a friends’ studio in Auburn. When that studio closed at the beginning of this year, the large drawing went home with me where it was under a protective sheet in my studio because I didn’t have a suitable space to hang it. I just realized I hadn’t posted about this drawing anywhere other than on Facebook. The short story is that it was one of 3 collaborative works with my friend RodMan, also a Master Scratchboard Artist, when he came out to visit a few years ago. Another friend, Sean Bonito, collaborated on Serengeti Steampunk with us.

In addition to this quirky giraffe, my display area at High-Hand includes my typical style (and size!) of scratchboard work, prints on metal, and cards. I’m going to add some miniatures soon, and one of those happens to be a giraffe. It’s framed in a miniature frame, the photo below shows the tools used to create the drawing.

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