Care of Scratchboards

If you have purchased one of Ann’s original scratchboards, the surface of the drawing has been sprayed with a UV-protecting varnish (Lascaux UV protect, semi-matte, in most cases). The sealer provides enough protection that the work does not need to be framed under glass. However, the surface can still be damaged if not handled properly; avoid touching the surface of the board. Scratchboard should be treated in the same manner as any other original artwork, hang it out of direct/bright sunlight or fluorescent light and avoid high heat and humidity. If dust collects on the board, use a soft paintbrush or non-abrasive cloth to lightly clean it.

If packing for storage or shipping, do not allow paper, bubble wrap or plastic to touch the varnished surface. Glassine paper is acceptable for shipping or short-term storage.

If you have purchased an unframed piece and plan to put it in a frame the same size as the board, be sure that the board is not able to shift around in the frame, which can cause damage to the edges. Shims made of mat board or foam board are an easy way to prevent shifting. While glass is not needed, some prefer the additional protection. Scratchboards framed under glass must have a mat or spacers to keep the glass from touching the board.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Ann.