I recently bought a Cricut (die-cutting machine) for the purpose of creating stickers of my art. I’ve been ordering stickers & other “swag” (buttons, key chains, pins etc.) from StickerMule, and have been happy with those, but I wanted the option to make my own stickers whenever the mood strikes. The Cricut has worked really well, and I’ve found the materials that are the right fit for my art. Printable vinyl is a great product, made by various companies: I run that through my Epson Artisan 1400 printer, add a clear matte laminate on top to protect the art, then run that through the Cricut to make either individual stickers or sheets. I’ve also found a holographic vinyl that works well with some of my older drawings, created back when I was selling art cards on eBay. Visit the “Stickers & Stuff” section of my shop to see all these fun goodies!

Here’s a short video of the Cricut in action, cutting out some Tough Chick stickers.

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