Lucy the Goose – Steps

I created this page to accompany a radio interview on Lois Richter’s “That’s Life” show on KDRT 95.7 in Davis, CA. Listen to the interview, recorded 9/13/2018.

If you have questions, please comment below.

We discussed this drawing of Lucy, and two other drawings. The other drawings are at the bottom of the page, along with links to sites I mentioned in the interview.

While this drawing was in progress, I scanned a few stages. This is Lucy, a friend’s goose.

Read more about the drawing here.

My photo of Lucy. I use both color and greyscale versions of photos for reference. The contrast and brightness on the greyscale version are adjusted to provide more white areas. I work primarily from the greyscale version until it’s time to add color to the work, although it’s handy to have the color version as I go along. It helps me to understand what I’m seeing – feathers vs. skin, pattern/texture vs. shadow, etc.

Scratching started. There’s nice backlighting in the reference, here I’ve scratched some of the highlights.

More scratching. Most of the part that’s still dark is in shadow, but there’s plenty left to scratch in that area to build texture and depth.

Scratching completed. Ready for the addition of color.

The completed drawing. I used Derwent Inktense pencils for the color. I draw with them on a palette, mix with water, and paint that on. I can scratch after addition of color to bring up additional highlights.

Visit this page for a “zoomable” image of the finished drawing.

Peregrine Falcon – scratchboard in progress, on a black board (Ampersand Scratchbord™)

Sheep – scratchboard in progress, on a white board (Ampersand Claybord™)


Links to sites mentioned in the interview:
International Society of Scratchboard Artists
Scratchboard Artists’ group on Facebook
Scratchboard Forum on WetCanvas
Ampersand Products (the surfaces I use for my drawings)
Linda Heath Clark, MSA (abstract scratchboard works)

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