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Most of Ann’s watercolor paintings are on Yupo, a synthetic paper made of polypropylene. She uses a limited color palette and a looser painting technique, allowing the paper and paint to “do what they want” as part of the process. Wet paint can be pushed around to create interesting effects. The slick, non-absorbent surface of the paper allows the colors to remain vibrant and to flow and blend differently than on traditional watercolor paper. Paint can also be lifted easily with a damp brush to add edges, highlights, whiskers, etc. Once the paint is dry, she may add a touch of color pencil if needed to add detail or contrast. Ann’s intent with these paintings is to interpret the subject, not to paint it exactly, although she does strive for accuracy of proportion. For non-commissioned works, after selecting the reference photo, she’ll often choose a title which is related to a color and then figure out the color scheme.

She also works in the more traditional watercolor on paper style, although she may use ink and/or color pencil in those works.