Scratchboard Workshop – Tucson, Arizona

Shiny & Smooth Surfaces

I’m teaching this special workshop at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in conjunction with our annual ISSA (Scratchboard Society) Exhibition and gathering. Limited to 12 students, 9 am to 4 pm. $99 for ISSA members. Register here, or call ASDM: (520) 883-3024

Workshop Description:
The shiny surface of chrome is a fascinating subject and the process to create a drawing that replicates the look of chrome is different than the process to create fur. The challenge is evaluating & replicating the shapes that fit together to give the illusion of the chrome surface. Smooth surfaces can be found in other subjects that aren’t necessarily shiny: skin, fabric, metal, etc. I use a layered stippling technique to create the values of smooth surfaces and some of the mid-values in chrome. It’s a method that seems to be quite unique, based on how I’ve seen my colleagues tackle similar surfaces.