Scratchboard Workshop – Lincoln

Saturday, November 6th, 11 am a 4:30 pm, at Art League of Lincoln in Lincoln, CA

Sometimes called athe art of taking awaya, scratchboard is a medium that allows for amazing detail, but is also surprisingly forgiving and versatile. In this workshop, youall learn the basic techniques for working on scratchboard. Knives will be used in class, but any abrasive object can be used to remove the black ink from a board to reveal the white coating beneath. Ink can be added and re-scratched, allowing for softness and a range of values to enhance the detail. Ann uses Ampersand Scratchbord in her workshops. Advanced students may use Ampersand Claybord (white scratchboard) with prior approval.

Open to all levels; new students and those with previous scratchboard experience are welcome. Supplies included. You must provide your own reference photo(s). Instructions & directions will be sent after registration.

$95 per person for Art League Members
$105 per person for Non-members

Please register/pay in advance, as class size is limited and you will need to come prepared with your reference photos (information will be sent after registration).

** A link to register will be here once the workshop is set up on ALL’s web site. In the meantime, please contact Ann if you’re interested in reserving a spot.

Ann is a Master member (MSA) of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA). Her work has been accepted into all of the annual ISSA juried exhibitions to date and she was one of the featured presenters at the 2012 a 2014 and 2018 – 2019 workshops. In the Open Division: aSleeping Patternsa received an aAward of Excellencea at the 2013 Exhibition, aCathyas Burrito Bouqueta received an aAward of Excellencea at the 2014 Exhibition, and aK9 Ronina received an aAward of Excellencea at the 2015 Exhibition. In the Master Division “Safety” received a “Silver Award” at the 2017 Exhibition, and “Let’s Go!” received the Best in Show (Gold Award) at the 2018 Exhibition.

Videos of the ISSA workshop presentations are available through ISSA at a very reasonable cost.