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"Safety" 1

Cotton1 upload.jpg "Safety" 2 - DetailThumbnails"Safety" - Framed"Safety" 2 - DetailThumbnails"Safety" - Framed

Here's the first, sloppy stage of "Safety", 7" x 5"
The reference photo has a lot of light values in it, so I used Claybord (white scratchboard) for the drawing - that way, I didn't have to remove a lot of black. using artistic license I chose to make the upper and lower left sections dark instead of showing the dog's body. The shape wrapping around her head is an arm in a fleece sweatshirt. At this stage, I blocked in the values by painting with full strength India ink & ink washes. It looks really rough here, but all this became detailed with scratching as I worked through the process. I used a Rapidograph (technical pen) filled with India ink to draw the eyes and to scribble the stripes of her brindle pattern. At this point I had just started "texturizing" the solid black areas by scratching.

Here's an Instagram video showing stippling on a portion of the background: www.instagram.com/p/BH4aLolBaqP