Web Site Design

Would you like a web site of your own? Do you need a re-design of your existing site?

Ann can set up a site using the WordPress.com blog format. It’s less expensive than a traditional site since a WordPress blog is free. A traditional web site requires a hosting plan with monthly fees. And don’t let the term “blog” scare you – these sites can look and function like a web site, but there’s also a blog component if you wish.

Another benefit to a WordPress blog is that the client can make updates – no need for
a special program, or to rely on a web master to make changes to the site. The updates are done on-line from the web site’s dashboard. Training is included as part of the site creation process. Ann has created a simple demo site, click here to see it.

WordPress sites Ann has set up:

Loomis Art Loop (Ann is one of the artists on the tour, she converted the previous site to WordPress and maintains the site)

Alert Paws Dog Training (maintained by the client, Ann also created the logo)

Amerine Artworks (converted to WordPress from a Wix site, maintained by the client)

Appeals for Art (this is one of Ann’s projects, she also maintains the site)

Watercolors by Judy Dawson (maintained by the client)

Newcastle Art Studios Tour (Ann is one of the artists on the tour, she maintains the site)

One Root Festival (existing site converted to WordPress, maintained by the client)

Connections (maintained by the client)

If you’re interested in having Ann set up a site for you, please contact her for more details.


Ann designed and maintains this site and converted it from the original site she created in Dreamweaver to the self-hosted WordPress.org platform.

She also converted the Auburn Old Town Gallery site to self-hosted WordPress. She’s a member of the gallery and the web master.

Bay Area Rescue Keeshonden is another site she converted to self-hosted WordPress. The site is maintained by the client. (Ann also created the logo)

She was part of the team that converted the International Society of Scratchboard Artists’ site to self-hosted WordPress, and is the primary web master.