Art Helping Mountain Gorillas (WDGP)
An international artist group helping D R Congo's rangers protect
endangered mountain gorillas through the sale of art

The auctions are over, but we're happy to report we raised over $2000 to benefit the gorillas.

eBay Art Auction to benefit Wildlife Direct Gorilla Protection
September 8 to September 18, 2007

Artists will donate from 10 - 100% of the sales of their art

To find our art, search "WDGP" in eBay's search bar
or select an image from either screen below

Ann's WDGP Auctions (will be visible starting Sept 8th):

All WDGP Auctions (will be visible starting Sept 8th):

For more information about this project
and the D R Congo gorillas:

WDGP Web Site


WDGP Flyer (PDF format)

WDGP Press Release (Word document)

Wildlife Direct Web Site


The Sacramento Bee ran an article about Ann and her involvement in the WDGP art project. Click here to read it.

Ann will have a number of pieces in the auction, here are 2 of them:
"Gorilla Gaze #1"
Flamingo drawing on ostrich egg
"Gorilla Gaze #1" - ACEO on black scratchboard. 2.5" x 3.5"
Flamingo - pen & ink drawing on an ostrich egg


“The fate of the creatures which share our planet
lies entirely at the hand of mankind - it is
within our power to protect them or watch them
become extinct. Let us choose the first route.”

David Attenborough

Photo courtesy of Wildlife Direct

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