Newsletter Issue #13, May 2011

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Arts & Crafts Fair to Benefit AAARF
Saturday, May 21st, 10 am - 4 pm
in Auburn CA

AAARF is the Auburn Area Animal Rescue Foundation and they're having an Arts & Craft Fair to raise money for their organization. The event is at the Auburn AutoHaus, 2855 Grass Valley Highway. Vendors include artists, crafters, entertainers, a writer and a chicken behaviorist. Pizza and other food will be available also. Admission is free - come on out and enjoy an eclectic mix of fun while supporting those who support animal rescue.

I've signed on and will have a table there with an assortment of items featuring my animal art: earrings, note cards, magnets, signed prints and a few small original works. I'll also have a couple of in-progress drawings to share/demo.

Laminated paper earrings
"Llemon-Llime Llama"

New Art
Two Scratchboard Drawings

Both of these drawings are on Ampersand's Claybord - an archival masonite panel with a smooth scratchable surface. I started the Boston Terrier as my demo for an ink on scratchboard class I taught at A Chance for Bliss Animal Sanctuary earlier this year. Angel is a Bliss dog and seemed an obvious choice as a subject for the class.

Boston Terrier

5" x 5"

Taylor was also a Bliss critter, but sadly, the survival rate of rescued wild young rabbits is not favorable, and Taylor was no exception. Nevertheless, he provided a great deal of joy and knew he was loved during his short stay at the Sanctuary. I used ink, watercolor and color pencil for this mixed-media illustration.

Baby Cottontail Rabbit

2.5" x 3.5"

Please visit my blog to find out more about each drawing and see close-ups and WIP (work in progress) steps. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these drawings benefits A Chance for Bliss. Prices shown do not include shipping or applicable sales tax. If you'd like to purchase either drawing, please contact me.

Playing Card Deck
Featuring Art by eBay Artists

The art in this playing card deck is provided by 54 eBay artists who work in ACEO format. "ACEO" stands for Art Cards, Editions & Originals and the art is always 2.5" x 3.5". The art form began on eBay and is very popular with artists and collectors. I've been creating ACEOs since 2006 and this small format suits me. These mini works of art are fun to do and I even offer commissioned pet portraits at this size.

The card decks will be available soon and I've ordered a few of them. Please contact me if you're interested - they'll be $8 per deck (tax & s/h handling extra). I'll sign the back of my card (the 5 of Spades) in each deck.


This is the art I submitted - "She's Got Legs"
The back of the cards in the 2011 deck will have the paintbrush art seen above.

This is a photo of some of the cards from the 2009 deck. The art will be different, but the 2011 deck will be similar in design.

FieldHaven Cat Suites
Local Artists Decorate Rooms in the New Shelter

The dream is a reality! FieldHaven Feline Rescue has a brand new, wonderful shelter for its feline charges. The shelter opened last month and if you're in the Lincoln, CA area and you love cats, you should stop in for a visit. FieldHaven staff came up with the idea to team local artists with shelter sponsors to create custom decorated rooms in the shelter. I've been a FieldHaven supporter since I met Joy Smith, the director and founder, many years ago (I designed their logo too). Joy contacted me to see if I'd be interested in decorating one of the rooms and I agreed. Sandy, my good friend and fellow animal fanatic, agreed to help and we tackled this unique project with a mix of trepidation and excitement. I chose one of the four small rooms since I wasn't quite sure what I was getting us into. The small rooms (suites) are intended for cats who don't get along with others, so they're big enough for one cat or perhaps two cats if they know each other.

We designed and painted an oak woodland mural in the suite and I painted portraits of the sponsor's cats in various locations in the scene.


It was quite an undertaking and we ended up with even more on our plate when the neighboring suite's sponsor asked if we'd work on her room as well! Sandy came up with a great design based on an ornate mirror & pair of candlesticks that had belonged to her grandmother. The "Mad Catter Suite" is a crazy concoction of wild colors, ornate decorations and even a Cheshire Cat.


See many more photos in my Facebook album (you don't need a Facebook account to view the album).

Original art. Reproductions on note cards, prints, magnets & earrings.

Thank you for your interest in my work and your support!

- Ann