Newsletter Issue #2, May 2009 

Scratchboard Show
Student Works at the Auburn Art Walk

Thursday, June 11 from 6 - 9 pm
at Dancing Dog Productions, 1101 High Street, Auburn CA

I'm putting together a show of scratchboard drawings created by students who have taken my scratchboard classes. I want to public to see the great work that beginners can accomplish with this unique medium. There's a misperception that scratchboard is challenging and difficult. Certainly, it takes time and practice to achieve highly rendered and detailed drawings, but the surface itself is surprisingly forgiving.

I fell in love with scratchboard when I took a workshop at an illustrator's conference in 1999 and have been using it ever since. Many people are aware of the black scratchboard surface, but they don't know there's also a white surface. While the black surface is already pre-coated, I prefer to start with the white version and put the ink where I want it. Find out more about my process here.

If you're in the Auburn, CA vicinity on the evening of the 11th, stop by to meet us and chat about scratchboard, art, animals, etc.

I'll debut this scratchboard drawing of a pinto filly at the Art Walk.

Art Walks are presented by PlacerArts - businesses in Downtown and Old Town Auburn become venues where local artists display their works. Artists are on hand to discuss their work. The public is invited and the Art Walk is free.Enjoy music and refreshments.A free shuttle bus is available too.
Future Auburn Art Walks: August 13 & October 8

Art for the Moon Bears
Raising Money for Rescued Bears in China & Vietnam

"Rosie" - 2.5" x 3.5" Mixed Media Drawing

My original ACEO (small format) drawings of Rosie & Lia are now available at auction on Art By Us (until 7pm CST on May 27th). You can also find note cards and reproduction prints of the Rosie drawing on Art By Us and Bonanzle.

Lia - scratchboard drawing. Click on the image to see the auction listing.
"Lia" - 3.5" x 2.5" Scratchboard & Watercolor Drawing

I regularly support a number of animal charities through donations from sales of my art and as a member and co-leader of Art for Critters (A4C). Three of those charities are A Chance for Bliss (see the next section for info about a fundraiser), FieldHaven Feline Rescue and Greyhound Friends for Life. I mention these three because I have been to their facilities and personally know the wonderful folks who work so hard to rescue and assist the animals in their care. Since I don't have unlimited funds, I have to be selective with my donations - I've chosen to help local organizations and a few others that A4C supports. You can find a list of other charities I recommend on my Squidoo lens.

Having said that, you may wonder why I'm helping Animals Asia Foundation (AAF), an organization that's on the other side of the world! Some months ago, I became aware of AAF and Ursa Freedom Project (UFP) (there may be some photos not suitable for sensitive viewers on this site).and their efforts to rescue Moon Bears from "bile farms" in Asia. I'll spare you the gory and inhumane details, but suffice to say, I was moved by the bears' plight and decided to create some art to benefit these charismatic bears.

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Original art. Reproductions on note cards, prints, magnets & earrings.

Thank you for your interest in my work and your support!

- Ann