Newsletter Issue #9, July 2010

In This Issue:

- New Ink Art

- Find me on Twitter & Facebook

- Gift Certificates

- September Show

- July Discount Coupon


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New Ink Art

I have two new drawings to share: the River Otter was commissioned by the Sacramento Zoo and the Peregrine Falcon started as a demo in one of my ink on scratchboard classes. Both originals are currently available for sale. Click on either critter to find out more and for links to blog posts about each drawing. If you're interested in either drawing, or have questions, please contact me.

To keep up-to-date on my latest work, visit my blog, where I post new art, completed commissions and photos of assorted animal-related adventures.

River Otter
Ink on Paper, approx. 5.5" x 8"

Peregrine Falcon
Ink on Claybord, 5" x 5"

Find Me on Twitter and Facebook
Social Networking is Part of the Business

If you're involved in the social networking world, you can connect with me through Twitter and/or my Facebook Fan Page. I started with Twitter and avoided Facebook for a while, but I've come to grudgingly enjoy Facebook. I'm not trying to convert anyone who's not interested, but from my perspective, spending time on the social networks is fun and I've made connections with lots of nice people who share my interests in art and animals. Not to mention that it's a fairly easy way to broadcast information about my art business. I love what I do, but it is a business and I'm always looking for ways to market my work.

The Fan Page is my professional persona on Facebook, if you want a glimpse of the "regular (but still artistic) Ann", I also have a Facebook profile page with a feed from my Twitter account.

You can also find my photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube and connect with me on LinkedIn. Although, I'll admit, I'm not very active on LinkedIn - there's only so much time for social networking!

Gift Certificates
Now Available for My Bonanzle or Etsy Shops

My art is available on both Bonanzle and Etsy, where you'll find original works and an assortment of critter art on note cards, reproduction prints, earrings and magnets. I recently learned how to make gift certificates through PayPal, so these are now an option for my Bonanzle and Etsy shops. If you want to buy someone a gift of animal art, but aren't sure exactly what to get for them, you can purchase a gift certificate instead. You specifiy the amount from a drop-down list and you can either print the certificate or have it e-mailed to the recipient.



Because there's no single shop that meets all my needs, I sell my work through a number of on-line venues. For links to all shops and to see samples of the items available, please visit

September Art Show
First Annual Open Studio Garage
Saturday, September 25th, 10am - 5pm

For the first time in at least 10 years, I've decided not to participate in the Annual Autumn Art Studios Tour. I just felt it was time for a change and it's something I've been contemplating for a couple of years now. But I really enjoy meeting my clients and talking about my art and techniques with them, friends and family, so I've decided to have an independent one-day show this year. I'll send official invitations to my local subscribers in September, but I thought I'd put the word out now so you can mark your calendars. Because I don't have an official studio that I can open to the public, I'll set out my wares in our spacious garage, which is what I've done for past Studios Tours. There will be plenty of art in a range of prices, refreshments and hourly raffles for a discount on the day's purchases of in-stock art.

   Click here to go shopping!
Original art. Reproductions on note cards, prints, magnets & earrings.


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Thank you for your interest in my work and your support!

- Ann



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Ann Ranlett's Art Newsletter
Issue #9, July 2010

In This Issue:

- New Ink Art

- Find Me on Twitter & Facebook

- Gift Certificates

- September Show

- July Discount Coupon

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