Why Clear, Good-quality Photos are Essential

Ann took her own photos of Scooter the Australian Cattle Dog.
Using a digital camera she took a number of photos
and chose the photo below for the portrait.

Scooter - color photo

This photo is clear with visible detail.
There are no shadows hiding critical areas
and the photo was taken so the dog
dominates the picture.

By having such an image, Ann is able to
capture the pet's likeness much more easily,
as she doesn't have to guess about what
she's seeing.

Ann is very concerned about accuracy and
correct anatomical detail, so if the photos
she has to use are indistinct, she will not
be as satisfied with the resulting portrait.

If she has to guess or look through
additional reference material for detail,
that increases the time involved to produce
the portrait and, consequently, the price.

A greyscale version of the photo.
Ann uses this to achieve the correct tones
for the portrait.

Scooter - grey photo

The finished portrait


Scooter - finished portrait

Each animal is unique - having good
photos will result in a portrait that looks
like YOUR pet and not just any
representative of that breed!

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